About Us

The Myanmar Egress is a non-profit Organization founded by Myanmar scholars and social workers who have been actively involved in various civil society activities in Myanmar in the last fifteen years. Myanmar Egress was set up in 2006 by a group of Myanmar nationalists committed to state building through positive change in a progressive yet constructive collaboration and working relationship with the government and all interest groups, both local and foreign.


The main objectives of the organization are to promote civil society organizations in the country and to help young people to prepare to face the challenges of political deadlock in the country and globalization in the world. Due to the long political impasse in the country, Myanmar and Myanmar people have been facing a plethora of social, political and economic problems. Regardless of the on-going socio-political and economic problems in the country, Myanmar is not short of young people who are keen to work for the country. Many young people also understand the need to work together by forming social and professional organizations. However, most young people in Burma lack the necessary knowledge and expertise to do what they wish to or should do for their country.  The country’s education system does not prepare young people to meet the needs of the new economic system and to face other challenges. Most young people could not afford to study at private academic and technical training schools in the country, let alone study in foreign countries. Members of Myanmar Egress had individually organized some short training courses and workshops for young people in the last five years. However, due to the constraints of limited resources, only limited number of young people from Yangon and Mandalay were invited to the trainings. In order to be able to undertake and enhance our individual activities in a more systematic manner, we all came together and form Myanmar Egress.

Our Mission

Promoting and nurturing democracy through renovation of highly intelligent and politically motivated citizenry of the country: Capacity Building & Supplier of change agents Feeding related policy inputs to the governing body: Think-Tank Public Opinion Shaping via public media and opinion polls Promote issues on environment that in turn will serve the long-term benefit of the country.